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tv   Full Court Press  Current  January 7, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good morning, everybody. it's a happy monday morning here in washington, d.c. i am richard fowler filling in for bill press. this is the full court press: "the bill press show." we have such a good show for you. i am pretty sure dc is in mourning aver the red skin horrible defeat since all of those redskins i feel your pain. either way, we have such a good show even though bill press isn't here, i promise to bring you the same sort of excitement. we are going to have ben cardon u.s. secretary of labor, hulkeda solis. we are talking about judge cagle, sandy relief. we are talking about gun control and we are also taking your calls. give us a call at 1866-55-press.
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before we do that, we always got to hear what the news is tonight -- this morning. i am used to saying good night. we are going to go to our news update with lisa ferguson. >> it is still tonight in los angeles. that works out. good morning everyone who is not in los angeles. president obama is back from hawaii. he should confirm form ter senator chuck hagel. he is drawing criticism for his policies with israel and iran. senators lindsey graham and ted cruz had sharp words on the talk shows sunday. mitch mcconnell spoke out, on abc's "this week"? >> whoever is nominated for secretary of defense is going to have a full understanding of our close relationship with our israeli allies, the iranian threat and the importance of having a robust military. >> mcconnell did not stand by
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some of his previous praise of hagle, but he did say the former senator will get a fair hearing. a couple of other things on the president's agenda coming up include immigration gun control and the debt ceiling. the treasury is slated to lose borrowing power by the end of february unless congress agrees to raise the limit. spending cuts kick out on march 1st to every federal program. on the issue of gun control, the joe biden led tackle force has not reached any plans yesterday but according to "the washington post," the group is considering requiring universal background checks for all gun biers and harsh penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to miners. they would track the movement and sales of weapons through the national database. more bill press show coming up after the break. we are live in our chat room. join us there at see you there. going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're
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honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> good morning, america. clearly, i am not bill press. >> what? >> yeah. >> i was just calling you "bill" all morning. >> he has not called me "bill" all morning. richard fowler filling in for bill press who is out sick with language ite laryngitis. get cold ease? >> it's whiskey. >> always solve the problem. >> bill called me yesterday and said, we may have a problem. i go, oh, no. he had no voice. he had no voice. >> you know, you guys know. the team here, by the way, folks, for the record the team here is absolutely amazing.
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>> come on. well, best? thank you. nobody -- you are just as good as your weakest link. >> that's what i believe. how was your weekend? >> it was good. it was a good weekend. i saw django unchanged. >> i saw that? >> i had a unique experience because i went to a movie theater that was mostly full. my wife and i. and so we found a seat and there was one seat on my side and one seat on her side. sol a couple came in and a very large african-american gentleman sat down next to me. when the -- in the movie, they say the n word probably 200 times. i think 229 times. >> really? someone counted? 229 times, they say the n word and sometimes they use it to comedic effect. i have never felt more comfortable in my life laughing. he was this large african-american guy. i was, 0 crap.
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is it okay to laugh at this? >> well, first of all, i thought, you know, there has been a lot of critics to the movie for the whole django unchanged. i see art is art. there are parts of the movie that are hilarious but my django unchanged, it was fuvenny and leads into the topic of today's show. i was saying this last night to some friends i had over at the house: the american psychology of the sense of security has completely gone out the window. so during my movie i went to, you know, a movie theater near my house. you know, it was packed. it was like there was no seats available, packed house. the first like 20 minutes of this movie, this person at the top -- andists at the bottom. the person at the top of the theatre makes this really weird like scream. right? i am not sure what it was. and everybody started yelling, help, help, help. turn on the lights. turn on the lights. turn on the lights.
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right? and the whole entire theater starts stampedin g out. i was like, god, they are shooting. they are shooting. the guy next to me, his wife was pregnant. i kid you not. he picked up his pregnant wife and ran out. >> not safe. >> definitely not safe. and it happened to be somebody had al heart attack or medical emergency and the paramedics came and they got them out of there. i think your first thought is, oh, no, this is going to be another, you know, mass shooting again. i think everybody in the theater had that same thought and as i sort of sat back and let it all, you know, dealt with it all, you know, thinking about it retrospect actively, the psychology that we have as americans has completely gone out the window. >> that's fascinating, dude. >> isn't it? it's completely fascinating. >> i ran out. if you guys are leaving. >> did you carry a pregnant woman over your shoulders? >> no.
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i left. >> at least you let them go by? >> he picked her up so fast, oh my. literally people were stampeding out. it was completely dark. they were running at full speed. >> that's terrifying. >> it sort of really sort of, you know, for me, it hit home. it was like we have really got a situation where we have let our american security slip out the window and, you know, our friends to the right think that that's okay. >> i could have walked in. it's in village. i could have walked in with a concealed weapon. >> sure. >> so could, you know, a crazy person who could have an assault rifle in that bad boy. everything was safe. we got free movie tickets and they rewind the movie. >> okay. >> it wasn't all that bad sglfrnthsz. >> i thought i had a weird experience. you win? >> i think i will probably blog being this will. >> you totally should. >> gone. >> you totally shooed.
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>> folks at home, go ahead and call in. we want to hear you. give us a call at 1888-hold on. let me look to the number? >> 866-55-press. >> that's why we keep peter around. the senator passed the subdued and watered-down no pun intended sandy relief bill which was, you know, see, i got to tell you. it's rarely i agree with chris christie. for the past five or six months i found myself agreeing with chris christie. >> wild time to be. the interesting thing is, i think john boehner is what i would say speaker in name only simply because he has completely and totally no power over his caucus. >> yeah, you know, i saw an interesting interview where john boehner said he wanted the speakership role like he wanted a hole in the head or something like that. i kind of believe him.
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what a josh to keep these lunatics in line. >> before we do that now it's time for the "full-court press." >> this is the full court press. >> good morning, everyone. other headlines making news in sports, an epic collapse by the washington redskins losing to the seahawks 24 to 14 to and the nfc match-up green bay packers beat the minnesota vikings and the houston, texas answers over the bangles and the baltimore ravens over the indianapolis colts. the division match-ups, baltimore against denver green bay against san fran civiling 0 and seattle facing off against atlanta. >> let it be said that i was perfect in my weekend play-off predictions. >> you were. >> i was perfect. i was the only one perfect. >> i was 2 for 4. >> i was for the redskins. >> i was rooting for them but i knew they wouldn't win. they are not winners.
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>> hey, i wouldn't say that. >> put that coffee down. coffee is foreclosers. we will closers. we will? >> the ravens looked great. >> the republican senator who was stopped for drunk driving over the holidays pled guilty in court, mike crepo from ohio began an apology tour saying he has been drinking alcohol several times a week even though he is a mormon. he has lost his driver's license for a year. >> really? apology tore? >> that's -- tour? >> that's what they are calling. >> what stops is he making? >> the chili's bar and grill, ruby tuesdays. >> tune-in. >> all over. the national society of film critics is out with its election for best picture of 2012,
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michael haniky's ammore. it won cann film festival. best picture, "zero dark 30" and "the master". >> no django unchanged for best picture choice. >> django was one the top three movies i have seen. >> it was funny? >> it was great. a love story action. >> hip-hop for you. >> hip-hop. there are so many great scenes. it's a western, and they just are blaring rick ross and in the middle of the movie. >> in the middle of the movie. >> thanks, dan. that was great. >> you got it. >> you always need to know what the news is of the day. >> get out of here dan. esteemed news man with of the why the important stories i thought it was peter jennings on the other side of that window over there. we are laughing it up in the morning but in serious news n serious news, i really think that the republicans are wrong
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here when you talk about this whole sandy relief stuff. i mean it's just ridiculous. they literally left -- it took peter king to say we are losing the party for them to make a decision to, you know, do something about it. >> yeah. i mean it's interesting that it took chris christie and peter king two guys that rub and advocate on less government and less government involvement to say we need some freakin' help up here for people -- for john boehner to realize what a complete ass of himself he made and schedule this vote and it was a major, oh, yeah, pr nightmare for boehner. >> pr nightmare and nonetheless and the bill they got wasn't even good enough. chris christie's speech, when he spoke, he went through all of the other times we have had hundreds in this country degree or tornados or national disasters and congress always reacted during katrin a. it took them 20 days. all right in the during, you
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know, gustavo, 20 days. 61 days. and this is not the senate here usually, people blame it on the senator, slow, you know, anonymous holds, there are filibustering and all sorts of other scurfuffle. but when you think about the house, it should fly through. not under john boehner's leadership. the republicans, you know, they -- i will give them this. they do stand behind their leadership. let's take a listen to the crowd hammer on fox news kraut ham other this. >> this idea that somehow the person to blame for the suffering of the people today months after sandy, who aren't getting help who are stuck, as we saw on that clip, with the bureaucracy which isn't helping them is john boehner because of the bill he didn't pass on january the 1st? it's preposterous. the press is playing along that line. i think bornyl postponing a vote
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until today was absolutely right. that was the treasury $60,000,000,000 including a ton of pork. >> a ton of pork. really, rebuilding al sea wall making sure restaurants open making sure people have food water, fema trailers, that's so much pork. >> this is the problem with, i think, the whole argument of the tea party politicians is, you know, when you actually get something that sure, it cost movie money but will go very far in helping this country, they call it will inflated government or take over or pork. it's garbage. >> to add to this because krauthammer is not the only one. this is a new freshman a new lee minted freshman congressman. he had choice words to say about sandy relief as well. >> i think this is a role for the federal government for right now to be able to release those funds, help those fem. ultimately what we need to be doing at the federal level is
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weaning people off of the federal government and allow this to not just be left up to the states but ultimately private sector. >> really? the funny thing about this, this gentleman >> whose name is trey riddle, a newly-minted member of congress. guess what state he is from. the state of florida. the gulf, probably the hottest, you know, sea bed in the world, hot ocean, breeding ground for hurricanes and he was like, oh you know, i believe we should leave disaster relief for the private sector phase out fema and let corporations handle this. they are the best people to do it. >> save the tape. save that tape. if there is a disaster down there. >> i want to see how fast. >> by that same standard. >> how fast, you know, he says we need relief for the people of florida. i can't wait. i am waiting for it. >> yeah. >> i am waiting for people in his district to be like really though? and somebody who is raised in
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florida who understands what fema does for folks. sometimes people say, this is waste. this is just horrible. but think about it. you know, put it in perspective. you live in florida. you work in florida. your whole life is in florida and your office building gets flooded or burned down or collapses during the hurricane offer after the hundred for an electrical fire. you can't go to work. your house has no roof. and, you know, you have to get groceries, water and if you depend upon fema programs to provide you with the vouchers to provide you with, you know a fema trailer, tarp to put over your roof so it's not leaking every night when it rains. these are really really tangible things not the to mention the fact that, you know, it allows you to get more insurance folks out there on the ground to do insurance in investments. there are a lot of intricacies to disaster relief. this boggles you arer mind. >> we know how the private sector would handle this. >> they have tried privatize
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social security and medicare. they will privatize anything. anything. >> yeah. it's sick. >> it is. it's absolutely sick. we want to take your foefrnlz give us a call at 1866-55-pressphone calls give us a call at 1866-55-press. we will be back at bill press show on current tv? >> this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. have the passion. armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion.
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians
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laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? [ music ] >> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> we are back on the bill press
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show. i am richard fowler filling in for bill press. it's about 625. i keep forgetting i am eastern time. we have a call in virginia from alexander, my town of residence. how are you, virginia? >> thank you so much for taking my call. i love you guys so much. i hope everybody stays even when whennalswhen al-jeerzera is taking over. >> when we find out, you will find out. >> we in the progressive land are starting to like chris christie because he has changed. he has become attacked by the reactionaries in his own party. he has aimed his ire and direction at the right direction. i have tried so hard not to like
3:26 am
him because of the past. now i am wanting to give him a big hug. >> he is huggable virginia. >> he is becoming more huggable. if he keeps on learning these important less options, he might be a much better person for all of our country. i just say keep on tenderizing him, god, because obviously he has been laying it hard on him. >> virginia, i have a question. do you ever see yourself possibly -- this is a question for progressives. would there be a chance if you lived in new jersey that you would vote for him in the election box against another democrat? >> well, you know, it's been hard because of what he has done to organize labor and the teachers. right now, we are watching him claw the fight for the lowest common denominator, but, you know, he's still got a huge track record of having hurt where he didn't need to have hurt. so it's going to take awhile. >> no. i think you are right here.
3:27 am
thank you for calling. we appreciate it. you know, i've got to tell you peter. virginia is right. he has turned into this like soft -- >> he is soft in belly, but i mean it will be interesting to see how he keeps this up because it's no correct he wants to run for president. he has a fundraising apparatus. >> he has raised $2.1 million? >> he has made a career out of basically saying, you know, this public sector, you know, we don't need to care about them as much. it needs to be privatized. we need to not put as much attention and funds and i did swollen and teachers get paid too much. he waged war with teachers in new jersey. now, i don't want to give him too much credit and say, you know, he has come around and practically a liberal now because he ain't. >> there is no liberal there. i think he has -- he is a
3:28 am
moderate republican. i think he is the republican we were used to 10 years ago. >> that's a good point. >> he was what john mccain used to be. >> right. >> somebody you can work with, talk to. they were, you know amenable. >> when chris christie talks, i believe what he is saying. >> right. >> he is not a bs kind of guy even when we disagree with what he is saying. i believe -- i believe he means what he is saying. >> i believe it, too. listen folks, we are getting ready to go to a break. always give us a call at 1866-55-press. we are talking sporptsz. we are talking chuck hagel, chris christie, job re sandy relief. back after this break on ""the bill press show"." "this is "the bill press show"." ♪ (vo) current tv gets the
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converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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is >> chatting with you live at, this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> we are back on the bill press show. clearly, i am not bill press. i am richard fowler filling in for him. bill press is sick. hopefully bill gets better. we have a call. kathleen from chicago, everybody's reaction to chris christie. hopefully, i didn't piss anybody off. kathleen how are you. >> i am good. >> give me a second. the only republican that you can trust is one that's not born. i am laughing. you are taking up my time. >> come on kathleen. >> i am going to tell you when chris christie gets a couple of weeks before the president went down to sandy storm, the president couldn't fight his way to a light switch.
3:34 am
he said as soon as something happens to his state he is the first one to get on the plane to get to the president. okay. what about all of the money that this president is trying to do for the healthcare? he turns that down. if he was so interested in helping his people, why would you turn down millions of people to get healthcare? >> kathleen, i agree with you. i am not saying -- don't get me wrong. i am not saying he is the best progressive out there. he is softening up a little bit. >> he reminds me of mitt romney. you have you do what you have to do. if this is what it takes to get me to vote i will do it. i don't listen to a person says. i watch them and see what they do. >> i hear you kathleen. we will people on the jersey
3:35 am
shore who can't eat and get fresh water. >> that's a good governor. good governanceance is good governance. >> i don't know i have ever seen a governor or any other elected official come out and name names of people in their own party the way he did with john boehner in that press conference. that press conference was unbelievable. unbelievable. >> maybe because of me, but somebody tweeted me. >> that's pretty cool. aura says she loves my smile. i should fill in for bill more often. i might not be single any more. ken from florida. how are you, ken? >> fine, thanks. thanks for taking my call. i like christie in a sense. i am in total agreement with him
3:36 am
here. i don't like the tea party either and the way they are treating him. he is fighting for his people for sandy. buzz the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. he is still a republican. sure he might be a centrist like john mccain used to be. but i wouldn't have voted for john mccain then either. >> i hear you. i hear you, ken. >> it's troublesome to hear people say, william, gee, chris christie looks pretty good now because he doesn't like the tea party people either. >> i hear you. we appreciate that. before we run out of time, i want to hear from ross. ross, what do you think about your governor. tell us what you've got? >> he's the screw-over master. he loves to shrink the benefits
3:37 am
of the senior citizens and he loves to attack teachers and i work as a crossing guard. i talk to the policemen. their pension hasn't been funded in a year. but he has given the millionaires and corporation in new jersey big tax breaks. >> how did he handy sandy? first were you affected by sandy? >> i wasn't i live about 40 miles from the shore. >> okay how do you think he handled it? >> he is a big wind back. he is not really trying to help the people he was trying to look good. >> that's a fair assessment. i think what we see from the media lens, it seems as though -- i believe in 7 sarty, he was trying to get stuff for his folks. i disagree with russ a little
3:38 am
bit. white sneakers and sweat pants. >> i can't go there to say that he didn't care. i think these people get into this business of politics for a lot of different reasons. but once you are there. >> at the end of the day i don't know if we should be laying blame on chris christie. i think the conversation needs to be more a conversation about that chris christie was brave enough and bold enough. republicans usually aren't to call out his own party on their bs. ? >> this doesn't happen that often. >> no. >> democrats do it all the time. >> we are good at that. >> the republicans usually don't. chris christie is john boehner you are holding up the money that the people in my state desperately need and we need this money right now. we have another call from anyhow. ron, how are you? >> morning richard. >> morning.
3:39 am
>> i there are events in life sandy is an example, that transcend politics. i think governor christie did the right thing in calling out the house of representatives. and, yes, if i lived in new jersey, i would probably vote for him if no other issue just the way he has treated the common good and has looked out for the common good of the people of new jersey. >> i agree with you, ron. i agree with you whole-heartedly. we have another call from chicago, illinois. thank you for the call, ron, by the way. >> hello. >> hey joey. how are you? >> you guys are out of your minds. i am going to tell you this right now. you are out of your minds. all of you? >> we knew we could count on you, joey. >> listen. i judge a person when are times real good. not in a crisis. everyone is going to scream for money when they need money. when people didn't need the money, he didn't give it to them. he gave it to the rich when it
3:40 am
really counted. of course he is going to cry for money now. you guys are out of your minds. >> i knew we could count on you joey. thanks, buddy. >> thanks, joey. i have got to tell you, though i mean whether or not watching -- i think the time where you see see true grit and leadership is during crisis when there is nothing happening and no crisis, you don't get to see who a person really is. but in crisis, you get to see because, you know, it tests all of your own personal abilities. you are dealing with your personal stuff as well as the fact that you have to worry about millions and millions and millions of your citizens and residents, we saw nothing less than that from chris christie. whether or not you agree with his politics, i can tell you right now, i was upset at christie before how he dealt with teachers' unions. you can't deny the fact he was good during sandy. >> we have getting a lot of comments on this on twitter. we are treating throughout the show @bpshow. you are treatweeting at
3:41 am
richardafowler. a comment, crotchetyie and huntsman have vying for the middle right and trying to save the gop. good quote. bent twisted said he is trying to win over as many people as he can while he has attention but he is a bigot. no redemption in my eyes. black is beautiful says that last caller is correct. cristsie a republican and doing what he was elected to do. i wouldn't vote for him. remember, we are tweeting @bp show. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, peter. i have to tell you folks at the end of the day >> you can't deny the facts. you know i am pretty sure some people are upset that we are are -- i mean, but republicans don't break -- they have never ever, ever crossed the line. they have never crossed the picture line to their own party. they have done it this time. i mean they really have. >> yeah. >> they are used to crossing lines to the right but that is what it is. >> yeah. >> not to get off tosc but i have a joke for you. >> hit me. >> so for the 34th time in history, michelle bachmann has
3:42 am
issued another bill to repeal the obama care. >> stop. >> first bill. i think it's hr 1 is the bill from michele bachmann. i thought that was funny. i thought you should know that. >> amazing. >> michelle, really? >> that's amazing. >> either way. back to -- you know, back -- now, the interesting thing, also, about this whole sandy relief is 19 g.o.p. freshmen voted against sandy relief. nineteen. >> meet the new boss. same as the old boss. same garnan. voted against it. i have never seen this like in my years in politics i have never once seen people say we are not going to help americans who are suffering. >> it's so interesting what they choose to take the stands on you know. not helping americans who have been hit with a monsters disast.
3:43 am
>>. it boggles the mind. it boggles the mind. in lighter news coming back talking to jord alan schultz about sports, the redskins the big game tonight. don't go anywhere. this is the full court press. human being, that's really important. this is not just a >> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show." armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. . >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show and we are back on "the bill press show." this is richard fowler filling in for bill press. now, it is time to talk sports.
3:47 am
what happened to the redskins? joining us on the line jordan schultz, huffington post sports columnist, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> what happened to the redskins last night? >> the issue is two-fold. i was there and one of the things you look at richard, is obviously, rg3. i think it's easy to criticize the shanahans. i think it's worth noting this is a young man who has been vivantastic all year, who has been a leader clearly the leader of his team. if he says he can go and if he is cleared it's hard to say to him no. >> that's what shanahan said in that post-game press. griffin said to trust him. he trusted him and seattle number 1 scoring defense in the league showed why they had a tough start. they took it over. i think griffin not being able to run the pistol like he normally does, not being able to get out of the pocket and i hear
3:48 am
washington. >> i was freaking out watching that first quarter. i thought that it was over and done with if they kept that up. they didn't play close to that. >> they ran out of gaugings. you were at fed ex field? >> yeah. >> for those folks listening what was the sense? when you come to these type of games and how dedicated the red skin fans were? >> sure. >> what was the climate like in that arena? >> it was a fantastic en environment. i have been in a lot of play-off games, richard. this is one of the best i have seen. i think that has to do in large part to the fact that, you know they haven't had a play-off game in well over a decade. this was a team that was 3 and 6. they needed today reevaluate for next year. there are a lot of positives there. they had some fantastic pieces with morris and rg3 but the environment was at the same time
3:49 am
that you have a young man whose career you don't want to jeopardize and tarrant williams fantastic but they did not protect him the second half as well. they couldn't run and you have a guy like kirk cousins who has been terrific when given the opportunity. a lot of people were calling for shanahan's head. whether it's fear or not i don't know. >> that's interesting because i was watching at home and following on twitter. there were a lot of comments from people saying he's got to come out. he's got to come out. >> yeah. >> especially whether they were up 14 to nothing why bother drafting a guy like curt cousins who has been very effective when you are not going to use him when you have a quarterback that's clearly hurt. >> i agree with you. how do you deal with as a coach, you have to decide whether it's for the fans or the win. i think shanahan might have been more so on the fan side thing. if they want rg3, we will give them rg3. the interesting thing is,
3:50 am
you know, this kind of reared its ugly head talking to redskins fans. they had dr. james andrews considered the elite surgeon in the sports business. he says he didn't clear griffin. shanahan said he did. shanahan has a way of manipulating the media and the fan base. i thought yesterday for better or worse that he really felt like he had to go with this young man who got them there one of the redskin fans probably loved it. you don't know what's going to happen tom griven'sny or what will happen to shanihan. it's hard for me to blame him. if if griffin was cleared and he tells you he can go, it's tough not to play him. >> getting close to the ends here. there is a big game tonight. there is a big bowl game bcs
3:51 am
game. who wins tonight? >> i like notre dame richard. i have gotten a lot of heat for it from the tide people but -- you are talking to one by the way. >> okay. >> one of the tide people. >> this is kind of like in many ways, and notre dame being david and alabama being goliath. this is a fantastic match-up. there is something to be said about notre dame's defense and a team that i think has a little destiny to it. it sounds silly at this level but i really think that when it comes down to, they will get it done. they have a fantastic end quarterback themselves in eric golson. if he doesn't turn the ball over, i think they win the game. >> what's your -- how do you answer back the whole argument to the alabama fans are making alabama won, they have good coaching, too, they are in the hardest division in the country, and, 3, they are used to bowl games. this is nothing new for alabama.
3:52 am
this is new for notre dame. >> alabama has reloaded. they have 5 first round picks last year. many guys, they just completely reload. notre dame has a lot of juniors and seniors. they have a little more experience defensively. i think when it comes down to notre dame is trying to win. this is my fate destiny comment. they will try to win the 9th. and having met that tale on that defensive linebacker i think that this defense is a little bit -- it's crazy to say this but a little bit underrated alabama, georgia get height. notre dame's defense has been fantastic fantastic. they sut down oklahoma. i think they are a little bit better defensively and i think there is a little destiny here clearly, they haven't won since '89. they have to figure it out. >> jordan, i think we have to wait to see. my money -- if i was a betting
3:53 am
man, my money would be on alabama but jordan, you could be right. notre dame fighting irish could be the big one here. >> bill says he is leaning towards notre dame because they have touchdown jesus which i respond by saying god coaches the alabama crimson tide. >> i do think it's going to be a great game, guys. >> i do, too. i don't think it's going to be as close or as of a blowout as some sportswriters say. tide going to blow them out? >> jordan thank you for being on the bill press show. >> we will be right back on the bill press show after this break. don't go anywhere. [ music ] >> heard around the country, and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show." @ñhd
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5:18 am
>> chuck hagel is out of the mainstream of thinking, i believe, on most issues regarding foreign policy. >> this is "the bill press show." >> chuck hagel out of the mainstream? really, though lindsey graham? we are joined by sabrina siddiqui from the huffington post. >> hi. >> speaking about this chuck hagle no, ma'am nations. does this happen after there is some fill duster? i think the sense in the senate is that there will be filibuster reform. will he be the first nominee to benefit from, you know not being held or not being filibustered filibustered. >> uh-huh. >> and so i think that's very interesting because there is opposition to him. i think i think he would have been
5:19 am
subject to a hold, anonymous hold by a senator if that was to happen. don't you think? >> i think it could have been. it really depends, it though because like i was saying earlier. to some degree i think this might be bluster. he is someone who has been commended to his service. it's hard to serve two terms in the senate. it would take a lot for someone to actually, you know filibuster the nomination. we were talking about this in this the break. >> it could be anonymous. you could have someone like lindsey graham or rand paul who might be willing to take that sort of extra step. i am not entirely sure if republicans arewould technically do that to someone who has been a member of theireen party. we are also at a point in time where there are so many looming fights and they have to choose their battles because you do have president obama coming off of re-election. ultimately, their opposition to susan rice did pay some dividends because she withdrew
5:20 am
herself but i think the president would intervene and be very, very out spoken for a former two-term senator who has earned two purple hearts for his service. >> i don't think there are a lot of people who agree with lindsey graham that this is in your face. den dennis kucinich. >> his commitment to israel with respect to iraq, that's one of the major issues that they have, i believe in 2006 sort of when he spoke out against the operation there, but that's the thing. if you even think about that point of view, the majority of americans agree with him and the war in iraq was very unpopular. are they going to get on t.v. and say the reason that we have such a big issue with him is because he criticized the operation in iraq? i think the majority of americans would say, so did we. >> i agree with you. i wondered what our caller from kristin, illinois has to say. what do you have to say about
5:21 am
chuck hagel? >> i like him. i don't think the republicans said else have a tough time in his confirmation. they are going to try to start trouble about him. he seems like a decent guy. i want to say, lund see graham and mccain act like they don't know who is president, they don't know the president won. i am sick of them putting him down, putting the president and his democrats down all the time. he said something about the president being too cheery making a joke. i think he messed up. he acted grouchy and said obama had all of the activists clapping. he's basically calling most of the -- i think most of the country is the same and the ones who are republican haven't changed yet. but they will as soon as, you know, they find out what's up. i think they are jealous. they don't believe that obama's
5:22 am
actually president. i want to tell mccain and lindsey graham that he's the best president we've ever had, ever. so that's all i wanted to say. >> kristin i thank you for the call. i have to tell you, i agree with you. like ithey say haters are going to hate. it's just that simple. players are going to play. i think obama, he is playing here but i think kristin brings up a good point. most people, a lot of democrats, you know, they like chuck hagel. there are some in the progressive camp who have a problem because of his comments about the lgbt community. >> that's understandable. and i hear them loud and clear. but, you know, most people like chuck hagel. >> he apologized for those comments and reached out to the community. at least he did sort of recognize that he was -- he had, you know, made an error in judgment there and he shouldn't have made those comments. i think that, you know, certainly there is an interesting point that was just raised about the reluctance of republicans to just accept the fact that president obama is the president and they have four more years to deal with.
5:23 am
so that sort of obstructionism we saw in the first term, you would hope it would let out a little bit. it didn't end the fiscal cliff fight. we have a new congress coming in. we will have to see what the next four years look like. it seems like they are there just continues to be this refusal to accept that he is the president because anything really at this point, anything that he says, anything that he does clearly, it's all wrong, and and, you know, even with this, it's a big move for him to nominate, you know, a republican. it is a bi-partisan move on his part. >> to add to it, don't get me wrong. i am not in the west wing but i am pretty sure the white house or people close to the white house released this, you know lgbt quote that he made on purpose to sort of let's flesh this out, get rid of it so we can get him approved. >> right. >> i think, you know, a good scandal watcher would tell you, you float it out, get it out to the press, let them chomp at it and let the story go away and let's talk about his two purple
5:24 am
hearts, years of service and the fact that he has been part of this administration already and very tied in with their defense team or their national security team. ? >> and i believe the nomination is set to happen -- the formal announcement is -- >> today. >> -- today. and john brennan is going to be announced as director of c.i.a. a lot of big things happening. >> big things happening at the huffington post. always find sab resabrina on twitter or huffington >> we are coming back with the labor secretary, the one and only hilda solis. we are talking about the job numbers. we want you to have your seat at the table, as bill would say. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time
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>> this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> we are back on the bill press, and i am not bill press even though we look alike. ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about jobs, jobs, jobs getting this economy going. there is nobody who understands it more than the secretary of labor. hilda solis? >> good to see you yeah. >> good to see you? >> hope bill is feeling better if he is listening to us. a lot of hot lemon and tea and honey. >> this morning, he had a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of honey, that could help the throat. >> sglj pretty good numbers? >> job growth, healing. >> it takes a long time to heal
5:30 am
a deep wound. that george bush left us with a deep wound. i have to tell you. one of the numbers that stuck out to me when looking at the jobs report, the fact that we grew jobs in construction, which has a lot of secondary meanings for the american people because it means people are building things and people will occupy the things they are building. what is your sense on the fact that we have had an increase in construction jobs? >> it's good because you saw permits, people taking out permits for residential housing. what that means, too is the axillary industries suppliers home depots, architects engineers, the folks who surround themselves in the industry. all of that is positive growth. california not just in the northeast because we know a lot of construction was going on after sandy, but it's around the country. so i would say that it looks better than we thought. but we need to keep focus because it still isn't enough. we should pack an infrastructure bill to put more construction workers back to work. >> don't get me started, madam
5:31 am
secretary. >> that's why we are the only developed country without high-speed rail lines. >> and bridges that work that actually take paragraph 1 from point a to b and what have you yes. >> the labor unions? >> education local government, yes. >> teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses. >> republican governors are taking to take out those people who serve our country the best. >> i don't know that it necessarily is all about that. when leaf new is down, property tax is down that doesn't come in to help fill that state budget. in many ways, that's the first thing to go. local government, education, firefighters. now, i don't agree with how the
5:32 am
republican governors have stalked public employees because they fought hard. they gave concessions up years ago. they are their to protect us. they are the firsthand, you know ambulatory care. they are teaching our children. the president had a proposal for that, too, to help put back people to work. unfortunately, there are a lot of i would say in this job report, african-americans lost a bit here because many are attached in the local government and education aireen a we can't lose sight of that. >> on a personal note my mom is a registered nurse a nicu nurse. they may be watching for the hospital for that matter. >> healthcare is a good area to be in right now. >> that's the fastest growing and it continues to grow. and i keep telling people who have lost their jobs look at aries to get into in the health arena because it's so vast starting in the ambulatory area
5:33 am
and moving your way up. we have a shortage in our under-served communities as you know. there is a lot of incentive. the american healthcare act will provide more opportunities. >> we saw job growth in the healthcare sector. >> in this report. it continues. that one in my opinion is almost shell-proof. it will continues to grow. >> normalmore people are getting sick? >> we live longer. >> they need to have nursing care. >> choices. >> doctors and nurses and the folks, paramedics to get them to the hospital. i think the sad part is what we have seen from the state of florida in particular is we have seen people go after and we talked, they go after the nurses like the nurses are the problem in this country and the fact that people are taking home big bonuses isn't the problem. >> it's fortunately but one one bing thing where tourism is a big driver, a lot of people are using their disposable income they are going to restaurants, they are going to places where they can spend money. they are going to sites, you
5:34 am
know attractive places. >> that's boding well for our communities. it also has auctionxillary affects for other parts of industries that look and surround themselves around the tourism industry. so that's very good, too. >> we have seen games there. this report saw gains in food service. >> that's, i think, one of the key indicators of the fact that people are going out to restaurants? >> confident. >> in this economy? >> in spite of the rhetoric that you have been hearing from here in washington. the american public is a lot smart earn some people think. >> i think you are right. i think john boehner is misguided on this because he came out recently in a and said we need to create more jobs. what they don't understand, it's sort of perplexing the republicans think the best way is by cutting head start, cutting teachers. we know the best thing the government can do now is now is the time for us to invest. >> let's bring back those corporations. bring back the tax insentatives
5:35 am
so we can produce products that say made in the u.s. a. they got together, figured out what they needed to do. now, we are selling the robust automobiles that are hybrid energy efficient and competing with the japanese and with other auto makers. >> people condemn or people say we need to create more jobs. this is not working. you know, we need to make more custs cuts. they don't have confidence in the american worker. i am very confident in the people that make the cars the teachers and the firefighters. i don't think we get that from the other side of the aisle. >> unfortunately, many would like to look at the profit part of it, the balance sheet stitch the human capitol. i think what's important is that we make investments in education, as you said early start education in the technical arena, a lot of people who are highly skilled, that have degrees that can't find
5:36 am
work but many employers are looking for that mid-skill technician. maybe get an additional license or credential. go to a community college, the president has had so much money and energy to make sure at least two million people could get certificates in the matter of a couple of years. >> that's what's going to make this economy more robust. sometimes what people don't see and i think the history books tell us, after a deep deep recession, like the one we had, when we come out we come out 10 times stronger and 10 times more equipped. and i know you said more -- you see it more than we do here what we call the american spirit american eningenuity, making our country feel great. >> it's true. i run into small businesses that have employed people that were unemployed, women, immigrant communities that were coming together that were producing products that are being made here that were made in china. business owners are saying it
5:37 am
makes a difference to be able to sell my product that says, "made in the u.s.a.." >> that is what i think we want to see more of more made in the u.s.a. and, you know speaking about immigrant communities, i think we need to see some movement on immigration reform and i think that will help the job market. >> it is. >> people think those two things don't relate but given the latinos and latinas and immigrants in general -- because i am from an immigrant household as well. giving them a chance to achieve the american dream means we all win. >> it's true. think about all of the people who would come from out of the shadows and be able to pay taxes. saul of that revenue that will go into social security education, state government, all of the good things that all of us can benefit from and lifting up those families instead of pulling them apartment. major have mixed families. some are citizens. some may not be. i hope the president can garnish the support on a bi-partisan level and get something moving
5:38 am
not something that's bifurcated or going to create second-class citizens but something going to allow for a path to sitship. >> if you -- at the end of the day, this is important. it's about the american spirit. it's about jobs. the secretary is not going anywhere. neither am i. neither should you. we will be right back on the bill press show after this break. >> on your rhonda a on current t.v. this is "the bill press show."
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. really? you know i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. [ music ] >> chatting with you live at, this is
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"the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> we are back on "the bill press show" with the one and only secretary of labor, secretary solis. she is staying with us for a second hour. when she walked in here the first thing she said she wanted to talk about is veterans reentering, you know, reentering civilian society. i was talking to peter earlier in the show. i am a big opera fan. my guilty pleasure is watching "married to army" where they are engaged and deployed. there are a lot of wives who want their significant others that want their spouse when they come off of the tour to be the end of it and to go back into civilian society. some of our veterans are having a hard time once they reenter finding a living wage to take care of their family. i don't want us to get to the point where we are dealing with another vietnam where they don't get the honor they deserve. i know you guys re labor department are working as hard
5:43 am
as you can to make sure you change that. >> we do a part of it. we are trying to provide case management services to those individuals who are leaving the military right now so they get through this new program called "the gold card standard" six months of case management. >> that's so important for someone coming back to reintegrate. they may not know to go where to find a job. what is necessary for them or their spouses they can go online to dol -- .gov/vets and handy dandy tips, my skills my, simple to get online find out where the jobs are, what the skill sets that are needed and where the nearest job is in your neighborhood my skills my if you were a veteran out there looking to sort of make this
5:44 am
re-entry a little bit easier now, myskillsmy ? >> right. >> in this labor report, another thing that we sort of saw that was a little alarming was the unemployment rate amongst african-americans, especially amongst the male sector people like myself. >> right. >> there is this huge gap in unemployment there. what's the reason for that, if there is one? >> i think, again, it employees back to skill training and the availability of having the right skill set that an employer wants and being able to continually stay in the jock market. if you are under employed or unemployed, stay in the job market. go to the one stop snaifrtsz, called american job center. they have been rebranded find out the nearest one. free services for you. he specially if you have been out of work, you are unemployed. we are now looking at giving support to states to allow people to use their ui benefit to start up their own home business through their home. these are news ideas, new thing
5:45 am
the president is saying we are going to do. thank goodness he extended unemployment insurance for 2 million people. that would hit our communities harder if it went away. >> yeah. i think the sidead part is republicans standing in the way for 2.1 million americans? >> to me what that means is every dollar that's spent of that ui benefit generates two additional dollars that also has another benefit, a domino effect because that goes to the community, to the dry cleaner, the gas station, to the local market or whatever it is you need to continue to sustain yourself while you are looking for employment. >> that's the thin with republicans. i am, you know an economist by training, undergraduate work. i think if it was for the republicans, i think they missed econ 101. you put a dollar in somebody's hand, they buy somebody. that created $2 and that person and that creates $3.
5:46 am
i think they missed that part. >> again, to the credit theof the president by allowing for those tax breaks to continue so that they can keep more money in their wallet so they could spend as they like is going to be tremendous for many, 98% of middle class families and 98% of small businesses are now going to reap that benefit. >> i think that is the only way we are going to get this economy on track is working with our small businesses and working and making sure that we have the best, the brightest and the smartest workers compared to the global market. >> i think the president is going to the right direction. we talked about immigration reform, by allowing for some of these young folks that get educated here to stay here and also advancing opportunities for the dreamers. >> that's a big, big term. people don't understand. these folks are educated. they go to the university. they are ready to start their own businesses. they are capable. we ought to give them ant opportunity to stay here. >> everybody who comes to this country immigrated here if you
5:47 am
want to shut the door for somebody else, quite frank, that's un-american. >> think about where social appeals court will be in years to come if we don't continue to replenish that work force. that work force is changing. it's dynamic. fewer wives are having -- whites are having children. you need to make sure those people are educated and they are in the work force and working appropriately and they are well trained. >> they have to be well trained. before we go to break, before you have to go on to your busy schedule, i have the question everybody is wondering: i have to ask: will you be around for the next four years? >> i'm here today. i am going to continue to do my job. i enjoy working with this administration and with everybody. it's been tremendous just to be a part of this team, to make sure that folks understand that government can be accessible and should be accessible to everyone. we are trying to make it work better and more efficiently with less dollars and less waste, but
5:48 am
making sure we don't hurt the most vulnerable population. >> we don't want to hurt the most vulnerable populations. hopefully our secretary will stave around. you do a great job. you amplify the work of millions of americans that work 9 to 5 and make sure america stays good. thank you for being here? >> it's great to see you. >> we will be back on the bill press show after this break.
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5:50 am
@ñ@ñ (vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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radio meets television, "the bill press show," now on current tv. >> we are back on the bill press show. first, i want to thank you guys for allowing me into your homes and on your radios and into your cars with your morning cup of coffee. you know, but when i am not on the bill press show you can find me on twitter twitter @richardfowler. pick up our syndicated market on saturday. all of our markets are on our website. we appreciate you. and i have to thank the folks here at the bill press team who made such a warm welcome for me and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, peter? >> any time. any time. >> i can't think you enough for being here on such shortness? >> don't worry. >> that's big. >> it's a little daunting when your boss, who happens to host a talk radio show calls you and doesn't have a voice. >> thank you. to dan and phil and cyprian. thank you for making it so warm.
5:52 am
>> were dan's foot massages okay? was that good? >> met with earn, you know my annual pedicure. on the richard fowler show every week, i end with a moment of upliftingness. >> i like that. let's do it? >> a little spirituality. i want to tell you this, you know, i think sometimes when we go through our lives and the different parts, we always think about the bad things or what went wrong or what already happened in the past. remember, you can never, ever change the past. you can only look towards the future. no past situation, that past heart break, love gone blood, job loss, blah, blah blah blah. remember, there is always the river in the wilderness. you will get over it. you can't think about the past. you al have to think about the future. >> that's where your destiny lies. >> that's uplifting. >> i am big on that. >> that's why i am a big oprah
5:53 am
fan. sometimes people get so caught up in what happened they for get. we have to be present in the space and accept it for what it is and be grateful for every opportunity you can. >> nice. >> it is what it is. >> that's a nice monday message? >> it is a good monday message. if you are back to work from vacation for the first time. >> that's a great message for red skin fans? >> it is but on behalf defendant great team here at the bill press show and on behalf of bill press, himself, and richard fowler, signing off from washington, d.c., saying there is a seat at the table for you on the bill press show. we can't wait to see you back tomorrow. good night -- or good morning, everybody. >> happy monday. >> happy monday. >> this is "the bill press show."
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